Will Template

You can obtain a will template or a will form from the internet, an office stationery store, some legal agencies and organizations.

When finding wills online you will come across plenty of places offering a will writing template and blank will forms free of charge. There can be a bit of rummaging around the internet to find one that’s right for you, your location and your circumstances.

Once you manage to find a will and testament form free online then it can be downloaded from the internet immediately or sent to your email address. So literally within minutes you can start to write your own will for free.

If the cost of making a will is the very thing that prevents you doing your personal will and testament then a simple will form free of charge overcomes your problem and can get you started.

When you write a will templates make it simple because it literally is a case of filling in the blank spaces and it’s pretty obvious what needs to go into each space. If in doubt then you could also download some completed examples of wills and testaments and use them as a guide.

Providing you stick to filling in the blanks and steer clear of messing with the body of the text within it and keep the layout the same then you need not get yourself caught up in legal jargon. A free will writing template can be re-typed to fit your specific requirements, however, if you start making a will template wording different then be certain that you know what you’re doing. Don’t just assume it will be okay, research the facts, as there’s usually a good reason the original wording is the way it is.

The testator (male) or testatrix (female) can, quickly fill out an easy will template within an hour or less.

Will templates can generally cover:

Listing the executor/s of the estate

Special gifts to others

Distribution of the residue of your estate

Being married or single


Child guardians

And witnesses

So you can use a write your own will template free of charge, however remember it really is a diy will and testament! It’s all down to you, so if you’re even in the slightest doubt over something, do your research to get the will making advice that you need.

A last will and testament form free download type is helpful if you’re just starting off and/or those who do not have large estates, a lot of assets and many beneficiaries to consider.

It is better to have a personal will template completed using a simple will template, free and in place, than it is to delay the process because you’re waiting until your ready to get the perfect, all singing, all dancing will in place.  If you wait you’re risking dying without a will at all (intestate).

So in summary making a will with a free template can get you started with a standard simple will in place. From here you may want to get more specific about the details of your will, your circumstances or the assets of your estate.  As time goes by a person’s life may get more complicated as life unfolds and perhaps over time you could find your requirements exceed your knowledge or skill level when it comes to using a do it yourself will template.