Will Kit

DIY will kits usually contain a set of standard ready made will and testament templates that you can fill in by hand.

Sometimes they come as a packet of will forms with instructions for filling them out.

Others are in the form of a book which will provide will making advice, giving in depth details on the legal aspects behind making a will.  These will kit books should include a blank making a will template ready for completion as well as the procedure for completing your own will.  Some of these books may not have pull out will forms and instead you may have to replicate the blank forms shown on the pages onto a word document to end up with a proper page size copy.  If a book claims to be a personal will kit it should really have instantly ready to fill out will forms, so check that the product specifically states that it has, other wise just take it to be basically a book.

You can also down load will kits online which can give you ready to print forms and a set of instructions.  You may even get an e-book with an online will kit which gives in depth explanations about the legal aspects behind writing a will; which could be very useful if your will is going to have some complexity to it.

A make your own will kit will be pretty easy to find since on the market there is a vast selection of will kits available on the market, online or in stationery and office supply stores.  The thing to note here is the kit has to stipulate within the description that it caters for the legal jurisdiction for where you live and that it can cover the general requirements that fit your personal circumstances.

If you only have a small budget available when it comes to estate planning, then a legal will kit is relatively cheap, somewhere between the five to twenty price range.  This is pretty reasonable considering you get examples of wills and testaments that are ready for you to fill in. You don’t have to figure out for yourself how to complete the will form and if you get a book to explain the legal rules that go behind doing your own will then this gives you the added information to help you should your will have a bit of intricacy to it.

It helps if the will writing kit comes with multiple copies of the do it yourself will template because if you have to re-write your will to reflect changes in your state of affairs or your wishes then having spare copies help.  If they only contain a singular copy just remember to photocopy the blank form first before filling it in; you never know when spares are going to come in handy.  This gives you the ability to update your will and testament as many times as you like without additional costs or the inconvenience of procuring another will template.  It is also useful if there is more than one of you in the family who wants to write a will.

With a will kit it is quite common to get various will forms that are designed to cater for various needs, which helps them cater for a wider variety of people or the evolving circumstances of an individual.  Each will set varies with regards to the specific forms and documents that they contain.  The forms contained within them are however fixed forms in that you can’t adapt the body of the wording already contained on the form.  Some computer based will-kits could offer the flexibility around this.  Changing the body of the wording is not for the faint hearted and should only be considered really if you’ve done your studying and have sufficient knowledge of what you are doing.  If for whatever reason your circumstances and requirements have expanded beyond the confines of a preset form you can always replicate it on a computer and begin a fresh rewording, keeping the changes as minimal as you can, yet sufficient enough to fulfil your needs.

 Will kits are utilized in the comfort of your own home and your last will and testament can be compiled and completed at a pace to suit yourself. Correctly fill out the will template inline with the supplied instructions and follow all the requirements laid out in the documentation and you can rest at ease knowing your Last Will and Testament is done correctly and will be legal.