Selecting Your Guardian

Anybody who has children and retains parental responsibility for the children needs to think about having a selected guardian in place who can take over as parent in the unfortunate event of their demise.  If you’ve got kids, it really is best to plan ahead and make sure that your little ones will be correctly cared for.

You are placing a huge responsibility on the would-be guardian and it is a position of extreme trust so it is imperative that you choose wisely.  You are entrusting them with the complete and total well being of your child in every area of their lives.

The decision is not one that should be made casually.  Take the time to consider who you consider would provide the most elite help and assistance to your boy or girl.  The person selected is normally going to end up being a close relative, a loved one or extremely close friend; which helps to narrow down the selection process; yet you should still think first before acting.

When making a guardian selection you ought to be as honest as you can with yourself when considering your options.  There are numerous factors to contemplate and plenty of details to take into account when coming up with the most acceptable guardian for your kids.

One factor above all others that could overrule the decision is that the potential guardian honestly and truly welcomes the responsibility you may end up placing upon them.  After all if your ideal choice wasn’t a hundred percent committed to the idea it would strongly create doubt in your mind about choosing them.  Nominating a person to be a guardian who might potentially end up changing their mind when the time comes and decline to accept the duty is too much of a risk to take.   It is thus vital that you deliberate with your selected person openly, making them feel it is honestly alright if they would like to say no and that they consider it on the basis that it is a responsibility that could truly happen to them; perhaps even tomorrow.  Make sure it feels real to them so you can get their honest answer.  If they start asking real questions “What about this, what about that?” then they are truly taking it seriously as a possibility.  A person could simply answer yes with the belief that it will never actually happen to them.  So it is obviously sensible to check properly with the would-be guardian that they are truly keen and prepared to receive the enduring obligation of being a guardian to your kids. You ideally would want someone who is genuinely ready and would want your children as much as they do their own as this implies they will treat them as their own and truly do their best for them. 

Is the person going to be reliable?                                                                             

Can you depend on them to raise your children?                                                             

Is the person old enough to qualify as a guardian?                                                            

Where does the potential guardian live?                                                                          

Would the child be kept in touch with other relatives that they get to visit and see now?                    

How much upheaval will your child have to go through if they lived with this guardian?         

Schooling, would they have to leave their existing school and school friends?                     

What about local friends they have made?                                                                      

How easy will it be for your child to adjust to living with the guardian?                                

If you have multiple children would they have to be separated or could they be together?     

Does the potential guardian have children of similar age with whom your child can bond?        

Could the potential guardian cope financially?                                                                 

Could they cope physically?

What’s the home life of the potential person like?                                                                   

Do they own a house size able enough to house your child or children as well?                 

Are they in a stable relationship?                                                                                   

Can they provide a stable home life for your child?                                                         

Can they provide a happy and positive home life for your kids?

Will they still get to see close relative such as grandparents?                                        

What ethical values does the person hold?                                                                   

What are their religious beliefs?                                                                                     

Will they uphold the religion you want for your child?                                                         

Do they have any medical ailment that could impede their ability to be a guardian?             

Are their any issues that could impede their ability to be a guardian?                                                                                

Can you leave adequate financial provision behind for your child or children?  If not could they financially afford to bring up your kid/s?

Does the intended guardian have any experience bringing up kids?                                      

How are they presently coping with their own life?

Are they able to provide for your child emotionally?                                                       

Do they live close to your close relatives?                                                                        

Will the child be relocated?                                                                                             

Are they already inundated with there own kids?

Is how they feel about education compatible with your own feelings?                                                                                                                        

What about their dietary concerns are they compatible with what you want for your child?    

What are their religious beliefs?

There would be the above questions to ask and maybe whilst reading them they have prompted you to come up with many more.

The necessity to have a pre-determined guardian in place increases considerably if a husband or wife or partner with whom you jointly have children passes away ahead of you.  

When married with children you need, whether you like it or not, to consider the worst case scenario where you and your husband or wife or partner pass away at the same time and there is no one in place to look after your children.

If you’re about to write your Last Will and Testament and have any boy or girl who is legally classed as a minor in England and Wales; then, consideration of a guardian really should be a must.


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