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Welcome to the Will and Testament Site! We will give you the help and will making advice that you need, making the whole process simpler. Get in depth unbiased advice on a variety of methods for completing your will.

Congratulations on beginning the process of writing a will that will protect the future of your loved ones, your estate and ensure your last wishes are met.

A will and testament; more formally known as a last will and testament is a legal declaration by which a person can sort out what happens to their money, property and possessions after their death. This can be done in the following ways:

Using a wills attorney, who are a legal professional that specialize in the writing of a will and can create a will for you that satisfies your needs and all the necessary legal requirements.

It is not a legal requirement that a person has to write a will using a wills attorney. With this is mind some people opt for making a will themselves.

If your considering writing your own will the popular options available are either a will kit, a will writing template, will writing software or finding wills online.

In the first instance wills and probate solicitors will sort out everything for you so that no prior knowledge on the subject is required by yourself. In the second instance, the diy will and testament approach, you get varying levels of help with the different options mentioned. This means that some prior knowledge on the subject of a will and testament and the legalities to it are required and that knowledge can range from just enough for a basic will; all the way up to “Help! It’s time to call in the professionals” as a will becomes more complicated.

To give you an idea as to whether your personal will and testament is going to be complicated here are some of the things that you may need to be consider:


Do you have children? If you do, then, are they going to need a guardian if your not there to take care of them?  Who will you name as the guardian? What financial provision do you make to the guardian for the care of your child/children? Do you want to set aside something for your kids’ future? What about the possibility of future children?


Are you separated from a spouse and not yet divorced? This is certainly going to have legal implications when it comes to child guardianship whether divorced or otherwise. What about a spouses’ legal entitlement to your estate?


What about property such as a house? Is the mortgage paid off? Who lives in it? Who owns it? Sell it or keep it?


Do you own a business? If so, what is to happen to it? Here, not only do you have to take into account the wills and probate act pertaining to a last will and testament but also the appropriate business laws as well.


What about your last wishes for burial or cremation? If buried then where? If cremated then what do you want done with your ashes?

As you can tell from the above a will can get complex. It is not necessary that you have to cover everything in vast detail when writing your own will; however, every decision you don’t make will end up being made for you.

Ultimately it’s your choice! Remember when you’re gone, it’s your loved ones that have to pick themselves up and carry on. The better you get your affairs in order the easier it will be for them, after all that’s probably the main reason why you’re even contemplating or bothering to write a will in the first place.

For others it could be the reverse; more about who doesn’t get your money, possessions and property than who does!

Drawing up a will is a bit of a difficult issue; nobody likes to think of themselves as being dead! Which is why a large proportion of people never ever get round to doing a will. The best way to write your own will is to concentrate more on the love and caring you have for your beneficiaries and the ways in which you are making their lives easier. Imagine how grateful they feel knowing that even in your last moments you thought of them and their well being, showing them how much you truly care. The legacy of this sentiment can carry through an entire lifetime! So make your final sentiment the best you can! Remember if you don’t have a lot to leave behind sentiment is not about cost, it’s about thought and caring. Think about what you leave to whom and why!

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